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   Gaming Dictionary

AFK - Away From Keyboard, Unavailable for an unknown amount of time

Aggro - An invisible ring around an enemy, when entered alerts the enemy to you and causes an attack

Aliasing - Playing as another character to hide your identity

Alias Clanning - A group of Aliasing players; To create a team of Aliasing players

Autocast - A program that sets an "Automaticly Use" timer on abillities in a game. A form of cheating.

Ban - To not allow a player to continue playing or visiting something for a certain amount of time.

BFG - Big F-ing Gun, Big Friggin' Gun; A Large uber weapon from Doom; A derragatory term for obnoxisly big weapon

Bot - An automated computer program that updates things or searches for pre-programmed spam to delete

BT - A Beta Test, to test a game before release

BTing - The act of Beta Testing

BTer - A Beta Tester

Boot - To angerly remove a player from a game or chat room. Less polite than a Kick.

Camper - A Player who waits in one place for item spawns or player respawns for cheap kills. Inappropriete behavior to all but snipers.

Co'op - A local multiplayer mode involving teamwork, usually twoplayer.

CO-OPette - A derrogatorry name implying that a Co'op gamer is gay with his team-mate

Ch0b0 - A lesser known name for a N00B. May also be spelt Chobo.

CL - Clan Leader. (Church's is Drayco90)

Clan - A team of allied players working together to complete a task

Clanserver - A dedicated chat room or game world for a clan

Clantag - A short series of letters and numbers to identify clan members. (The Church's clantag is COG)

Clanwar - A series of conflicts between 2 opposing clans

Clanwarf - A series of conflicts between 2 allied clans, usually for fun.

Cleanup - Killing an enemy damaged by another player, more positive "Teamy" version of Kill Stealing/Kill Theft

Console - A platform dedicated to gaming (SNES, Playstation, Xbox)

CV - Center View

Death Knight - An overpowered character who becomes more powerfull through death. An explective used by Drayco90 *Son of a Deathkingt!*

Decals - An appliable "Sticker" effect in games, such as bulletholes, footprints, or blood.

Dedicated Server - A permenant server for a PC game that will never close or shutdown.

Demorec - A company-recorded clip of a game for demonstration reasons.

DLC - Downloadable Content

DS - Dual Screen

DSing - The act of creating a Dual Screen Setup

DP - Dual Processor

DPS - Damage-Per-Second

Exile - To permenatly remove a player from a game or website.

FF - Friendly Fire, to Shoot your own teammate

FPS - First-Person Shooter

FPS - Frames Per Second

Frag - Explosive kill, often using grenades; An Explective used by Drayco90 *Frag it!*

FS - Full Screen

Ghost Cam - A camera allowing players to view the game map freely upon death.

Hack - The act of entering a system and reprogramming or repurposing game files to suit your needs. Sometime illegal, almost always cheating.

Hacker - One who hacks.

Hacked - Something that has been hacked by so many people it is beyond usable/playable.

Haksorz - Derragotory term for morons who blame all their deaths on other peoples Hacks, even in fair fights. See also Laggsorz.

Healer - A team member whose main or sole purpose is to heal other players.

HUD - Heads-Up-Display, health bars and radar along with any in game vitals.

Kick - To forcibly remove a player from a chat room or game. Less aggresive than boot.

L/P - Log-in and Password

Lag - A slow down or time stop/skip caused by poor connection.

Laggsorz - Derragatory term for morons who blame every death on lag, even when everyone had perfect connections.

LAN - Local-Area-Network

LAN Party - Gathering of people on a single LAN to play competitive multiplayer PC games

Leet Speek - Talking in acronyms developed for RTS games- LOL, AFK, ZOMG, Ect.

l33t Sp3aK - The Leet Speeker prefered spelling of their language.

Map - Game enviroment.

Mod - A redesign of content or adding new content to a game by someone unofficialy.

Modder - One who creates Mods.

Modded - Something that is Modded.

Mesh - The texture wrapped around a character model.

MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. See World of Warcraft or Everquest.

Multiplayer - Gaming with one or more other people.

Patch - An online update to a piece of software.

Polies - A slang term for Polygons, sometimes spelt Polys.

Port - To recode a game to make it available on other systems

Pubs - Public Servers

RPG - Roleplaying Game

RTS - Realtime Strategy Game

Roger Wilco - Understood

Rush - RTS Style where player barrages opponets with cheap units within 10 minutes of game start. Considered highly insulting and inappropriete.

Skin - Player-Avatar appearance. Costumes.

Spawn - The act of joining or reappearing in a game.

Spawn Point - The location of a spawning player

Spawn Kill - Unfair murder of a player as soon as they spawn.

Strafe - Moving sideways while shooting an enemy.

Sithis - A fictional god in the Elder Scrolls games. Explective used by Drayco90 *Rose of Sithis! For the love of Sithis*

TPS - Third-Person Shooter

ZOMGer - Derrogatory term for someone who speaks in Leet Speek

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